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Friday, November 20, 2015

Pathologic basis of Disease by Robbins and Corton PDF

Robbins Basic pathology is one of the best selling and most recommended books on medical pathology. Both systemic and clinical pathology are well described with wonderful animated pictures and easy to understanding language is used.
Robbins pathology PDF is only for the alternative of main book when you are out of your study material. This PDF doesn't discourage to buy original book.
Robins Pathology PDF download 9th edition
Robbins and corton Pathologic Basis of Disease. cover page

 Preface of Robbins Basic Pathology 

  A  feature  new  to  this  edition  is  the  introduction  of  Key Concepts  boxes,  scattered  in  each  chapter  to  summarize “take  home”  messages  relating  to  major  topics  covered in  each  disease  or  disease  group.

•  Chapter  2  has  been  updated  to  include  novel  pathways of  cell  death  beyond  the  long-established  pathways  of  necrosis  and  apoptosis.  Indeed,  the  distinction between  these  two  is  being  blurred.  Autophagy,  which has  begun  to  take  center  stage  in  diseases  ranging  from  aging  to  cancer  and  neurodegeneration,  has  been revised,  as  have  the  possible  molecular  mechanisms  of aging.

•  Chapter 3  now  combines  the  discussion  of  inflammation with  repair,  since  these  two  processes  run  concurrently and  share  common  mediators.

•  Chapter  5  includes  a  completely  rewritten  section  on molecular  diagnosis  that  reflects  rapid  advances  in DNA  sequencing  technology.

•  Chapter  7  has  been  extensively  revised  to  incorporate knowledge  and  concepts  of  tumor  biology  gleaned  from deep  sequencing  of  cancers.

•  The ongoing  revolution  in  “genomic  medicine”  has  provided  the  impetus  for  extensive  updates  of  many  disease entities  associated  with  newly  described  germline  or somatic  genetic  alterations.  Throughout,  we  have  taken pains  to  try  to  only  emphasize  the  lesions  that  are  most  common  and  most  informative  in  terms  of  disease pathogenesis.

•  Chapter  18,  covering  diseases  of  the  liver,  has  been  reorganized  and  extensively  revised  to  include  discussion of  the  molecular  basis  of  hepatic  fibrosis  and  its regression.

•  Chapter  27,  covering  diseases  of  nerves  and  muscles, also  has  a  fresh  look.  The  diseases  are  now  organized anatomically,  starting  from  neurons  and  going  to muscles,  with  diseases  of  neuromuscular  junction  bridging  the  two.

•  In  addition  to  the  revision  and  reorganization  of  the text,  many  new  photographs  and  schematics  have  been added  and  a  large  number  of  the  older  “gems”  have been  enhanced  by  digital  technology. Despite  the  changes  highlighted  above,  our  goals  remain the  same  as  those  articulated  by  Robbins  and  Cotran  over the  past  many  years.

•  To  integrate  into  the  discussion  of  pathologic  processes and  disorders  the  newest  established  information available—morphologic  as  well  as  molecular.

•  To  organize  information  into  logical  and  uniform  presentations,  facilitating  readability,  comprehension,  and learning.

•  To  maintain  the  book  at  a  reasonable  size  and  yet provide  adequate  discussion  of  the  significant  lesions, processes,  and  disorders.  Indeed,  despite  the  addition of  a  new  30-page  chapter  and  Key  Concepts,  we  have kept  the  overall  length  of  the  book  unchanged.  One  of our  most  challenging  tasks  is  to  decide  what  to  eliminate  to  make  room  for  new  findings.

•  To place  great  emphasis  on  clarity  of  writing  and  proper use  of  language  in  the  recognition  that  struggling  to comprehend  is  time-consuming  and  wearisome  and gets  in  the  way  of  the  learning  process.

•  To  make  this  first  and  foremost  a  student  text—used  by students  throughout  all  years  of  medical  school  and  into their  residencies—but,  at  the  same  time,  to  provide  sufficient  detail  and  depth  to  meet  the  needs  of  more advanced  readers.

Authors of robins Basic pathology 9th edition

Vinay Kumar,
MBBS, MD, FRCPath Donald N. Pritzker Professor and Chairman, Department of Pathology Biologic Sciences Division and The Pritzker School of Medicine The University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois

MBBS Distinguished Professor and Chair Department of Pathology University of California San Francisco San Francisco, California 

Jon C. Aster, 

MD, PhD Professor of Pathology Harvard Medical School Brigham and Women’s Hospital Boston, Massachusetts WITH
S BY James A. Perkins, MS, MFA

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Robbins Pathology PDF Textbook for android
Robbins pathology. index page
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