Monday, April 25, 2016

A complete guide of How to Hide apps images videos documents SMS on android phone

Hide your private photo videos documents and apps by Smart lock android

Its necessary to know how to hide your personal documents photos and videos from others eye. So many android apk in the market but which one is best for you. Yes that's the fact. Today i will share with you about the most user friendly and most secured Android privacy protecting application which will you get absolutely free of cost.

Smart lock free for hiding Images videos documents application
How to lock / Hide your Android images videos sms
Hide apps images videos docs with smart lock

Why use smart lock free

1. Its free to download and you will get almost everything in free version.
2. Easy UI integration , such as you can directly lock any thing from your gallery just select and share to smart lock
3. Number lock pattern lock and pin lock and fake lock.
4. You can view delete unlock share them easily without closing the smart lock app.
5. Previously unlocked files can be searched and able to lock them again easily.

How to use smart lock free apk to hide your personal files

Lets see how easily and quickly you can secure your private files in your android smart phone.

Step 1 : Download the apps, install and open .

Hide your personal photos videos and android application
Media of Smart lock free apk

Step 2 : Go to settings Select lock type and change your password from default.
How to Hide your files in android phone
settings menu of smart lock

step 3 : Click add button to add apps images or video / contacts (Upcoming features)
lock your privacy on android free
smart lock apk

Step 4 : Remember To turn on the app lock above to check the box. You have done it successfully .
Best folder locking android application
Smart lock android privacy application

How to hide your private SMS by Using Go SMS pro

Sometimes its become essential to hide encrypted or personal Messages for security or privacy issue. And you can do it by using apps lock . But apps lock is not totally secured. Because when you will get an sms it will first display into your Home screen . Thats the problem that locking application doesn't hide it in case of notifiable messenger application.
Hide your private Messages

The only solution is GO SMS pro to hide your messages from your android phone . When an sms comes from a private contact it will arrived in a specific folder and won't notify it in your home screen rather it will show a small locked indicator icon on the notification tray. After providing the secured password you can view your private messages.

So lets see how can we hide sms by GO SMS pro step by step

Step 1 : Download Go SMS pro install and open the application. You will see so colorful UI designs.

How to lock your private SMS securely
GO SMS pro SMS Hide

Step 2 : Go to settings above to the left.

Step 3 : Click the private box. And go to the private box settings icon in the right side. Here you will see modify password , Lock type , private contacts
Best SMS text messaging Android application
Settings features of GO SMS pro

Step 4 : Now click add your contact . you will see a pop up box like this.

Step 5: Adding your contacts by direct entry of mobile number or directly from conversation. You have done your procedure successfully.


It was so easy tutorial that may help you to make your android privacy more strong by using two smart free android application Smart lock free and GO sms pro. You can see my another post about best photo editor android application. Have you still any question suggestion about the article or about the blog please feel free to contact us.


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